Have you ever been to Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Center? Because my class and another class too went to Tribune bay this week, because they do a school camp for the kids so they can build relationships and have fun in the process, at camp they cook breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert we only stayed for three days two nights. During the three days we played games and did climbing and water activities, but during those three days I learned some important life lessons.


One of my life lessons was listening to instructions. I usually listen to instructions but when I was at camp I got carried away and I was fooling around like most people having fun. What happened that wasn’t so good was that I would miss instructions of what to do, thankfully my friends would fill me in on what I missed so I’m grateful for them helping me. For me it’s important to fully understand what’s going on and what to do. But it’s okay to joke around but it’s better to know what’s going on.


One of the life lessons that got me the most was getting enough sleep. because it’s super fun at night but when it comes morning your screwed up, but it wasn’t just fooling around that got me, it was also being cold for the first night at camp. If I moved at all I would loose all my body heat, so I just stayed still but in the morning it was freezing and I was tired to, as soon as I started moving I warmed up, and everyone in our sleeping quarters were cold. The next night I laid out my extra sleeping bag, but the next morning I was still tired but at least I was warm. On that day I got home and I was so tired. During those days I was tired from the night before and couldn’t participate to my fullest, but I’m happy with what I could do.


One of the biggest life lessons was being able to over come mental obstacles. I over came my mental wall by ignoring the fact that I was over the height of most buildings, what helped me was thinking I’m safe I’m on belay, there is nothing to worry. When I was doing the activities I found ways of tricking my instincts by focusing on what’s ahead of me such as a tree, by doing this it made it much easier to do the activities. What also helped was controlling my thoughts so I didn’t panic.


Although this experience was very fun, I’m happy I learned these lessons to make me a better person in the future. Have you ever been to Tribune Bay? Have you ever learned valuable life lessons like me? Think to your self which one was the most important and why?


My Geo-Bunny

Hey bloggers

Our class is doing a project called ”Geo-Bunny” in this project you make a geometric bunny and you have to measure perimeter and area of each shape, we recorded our measurements in our bunny booklet. Each bunny has their own personal bio, everyone made their bio to impress the Geo-Queen (our teacher) but I had my own idea of my bunny being an outcast and being the bad bunny out of the class bunny’s. But in my bio my bunny hates the Geo-queen and wishes he wasn’t geometrical. But over all I found this project challenging for but myself and I think so for most of the class. If you are an intermediate teacher and if you want to give your class a challenging project you should try a Geo-Bunny project.

Can You Guess

Uyuni Salt Flat Jared Yeh via Compfight

Hey bloggers

I had this fun idea of doing a guessing game post. As you can see it’s based on the place that I want to visit when I get older, how this game is going to work is by me having questions below. With those questions I asked, try to think of the place once you figured it out leave your answer in the comments.


1. This country has the biggest salt flats in the world it’s so big that you so white for miles.

2. It has one of the most diverse environments in the world including: jungle, desert, snowy mountains and boreal forests.

3. This country is home to one of the mountain ancient civilization Called the “Inca”.

4. This country has the highest Capital city in the world sitting at 3,650m (11,975ft) above sea level.

5. This country has 37 official languages. The main languages are: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara and Guarani.

6. This country is a land locked country.

7. This country is home to the biggest mirror in the world.

8. The Andes mountain range runs through this country, making the terrain mountainous and full of valleys.

9. This country is one of the most biological country in the world. Because of its very diverse biomes.

10. The country’s most popular sport is “Fútbol de salon” it is soccer but with a smaller ball and it’s played in a basketball court.


Thanks for looking at my blog post I hope you enjoyed it, make sure to put your answer in the comments ↓ til next time.

Alphabet me

Creative Commons License Chris Glover – Computer Problems (Nearly fixed) via Compfight

Hi there fellow bloggers!

Hey, my class and I have been doing a class blog post called “alphabet me”.  So the idea of this post is that you write short sentences from A-Z about yourself. It seems easy but it’s actually pretty hard.

Here are some sentences about myself:

I like archery. In factit’s my favorite sport. I like to play basketball, from A-B is the sports I play. Crush is my favorite pop brand because it crushes your taste buds. Some people think I’m a dinosaur, but I didn’t go extinct. I don’t like eggs but some people think I’m crazy though. I love to hangout with my friends. who doesn’t? I’m very grateful for what I have, not just one day of the year. I am humble I don’t like to brag or show off. I have a lot of interests I like to keep myself occupied. I enjoy jocularity, who doesn’t like to have fun? I would like to see a kangaroo because If you don’t live Australia wouldn’t you want to see a animal with a fanny pack? One of my favorite things to do is to laugh. Don’t we all. I enjoy using my mind and being creative, My mind needs to be exercised. One day I would like to visit the Netherlands, a place that seems kind of neat. I like the outdoors a lot, the great outdoors. Penguins are one of my favorite animals because they slide on their stomachs. I would love meet a quokka because it’s the friendliest animal in the world. My third favorite color is red. Considering the fact that I live in the country of red. One day I would like to visit South America, the rain forest continent. I enjoy talking to people because I like to socialize. I’m understanding. It’s important to listen to people. I would like to visit cool locations it’s a dream I have for when I’m older. I am worldly because I take an interest in other cultures. I’ve had an x-ray before when I was ten and I was much more young. But one day I’ll be old. I like zebras. Are they more black or more white?

Thanks for reading my blog post and I hope you learned about me, til next time!



Love in the Comox Valley

Hey guys

Hello everyone, since it’s Valentines season our class is doing a Valentines blog post and it’s about trapping cupid. Today everyone got in partners and got a hand full of Lego, my partner was Elijah (go check out his blog→Elijah)

When we got our hand full of Lego we started to build but we each had our own personal ideas and we had enough Lego so that’s what we did. My idea was that he walks in on pressure plate that closes the door he walked in on. The reason why he walks in to this room is so he can access his computer to find out where he can spread love to the next places he visits, on top there’s a light that attracts  cupid so he knows it’s a place that he can get his Intel at.

The reason why we are trapping cupid is because we want to spread love in the Comox Valley. The trap is called “C.T.” (Cupid Trap) The trap was manufactured in the “T.V.H.F”(The Valentines Haters Factory) Where all the people who didn’t get Valentines in grade two work. In the factory every worker is sprayed with cupid repel-int. Cupid has tried to to break the workers cold hearts. Everyone in the Comox Valley loved cupid and was excited about the cupid trap because everyone will have love. one day the trap caught cupid and everyone got to feel the love and after they set him free.


The End ⌊Òνè  Edited by Elijah

The seed of Christmas

golden grapes Katrinitsa via Compfight

In the spring in the big valley, there was a tree not an ordinary tree it was the biggest tree. Many of the locals thought it would of been the perfect Christmas tree only if it was smaller, but the pinecones began to fall shedding out the trees seeds. Many of the seeds didn’t make it til they could sprout because they would’ve been picked away from birds or didn’t get enough nutrition to make it but some did.

A man that grew up around the area and new the tree growth seasons and watched the the trees grow to a ragular size, but there was one tree that was different from the rest when the man walked by it he realized how much more beautiful the colour of the boughs were and how perfect each limb was compared to the trees then he new it was the tree of Christmas. The man only had one last Christmas with his son before he went away and the man wanted to make sure it was the best Christmas his son ever had.

Everyday the man checked the tree so it would be perfect when Christmas comes around.December,22, the man cuts down the tree and decoates it with his son and wife. The man waited anxiously for the next three days until his son arives at Christmas. They spend there having Christmas dinner and doing what the man was wanting to do with his son before he left the next morning. The next morning, the man helped his son pack his bags, before the son left the man exchanged a warm hug and the son said his goodbyes and headed off. After his son left the thought to himself I’ve done what I wanted to do. The man carryed on with his life and waited til his son returned home. The End




It was the 80’s, pop mutyler-zombie-1sic was being invented and wild hair styles were used every day. But imagine if that was all gone. This is the story of the survivors of the Zombieland Apocalypse.

People didn’t know much about zombies in that era but an elite squadron of the Zombusters warned people about the pollution from a nearby factory letting out chemical fumes. The poisons weren’t fatal to humans but they were transforming the citizens of L.A into monsters that had no way of controlling themselves. The Zombusters knew this apocalypse was coming but still nobody listened. So they started preparing for this major event that would reshape history but on one un fateful night the Apocalypse had begun and soon the people of L.A were zombies.

The Zombusters headed out in their specialized mini van out fitted for intense zombie hunting. They had gas canisters that reverse the effects on each zombie so they would go back to normal again.

With MC Hammer playing in the background, they knew they we’re ready to take back LA (also know as Zombieland). They drove around the streets throwing canisters at them. The Zombusters were happy to hear the “pop pop”of the zombies turning back to humans.  They were also listening to their  squadron song was playing “Take on me”and they said to themselves we won.

In the end they became famous for their huge help in saving L.A. They carried on with their lives and lived happily ever after.

Are you a crazy fast typer?

img_6037How many times can you type November in one minute?

Hello readers. Our class did this Data analyses project, we split into groups to do it. My group and other groups gathered data from other class mates we did how many times can you type November.


To do this project we used a timer and a computer to open a word document to type in.


To do this Project our procedure was one person types November while the other person times them.

Control Standards.

Our Controls Standards were that the person had to type November as much as they can with a capital and space also no copy and paste.


My Predictions were that some people will be very good at it and others will be the opposite.

Our Data.


Analysis of Data.

There are outliers but I still included them because it shows peoples typing skills.

The range= 34−1=33 times

The mode=13 times

The median=(11+12=23)÷2=11.5 times

The mean=214÷16 =13.4 times

The best measure of central tendency.

I think the best measure is the mean because you can see the average.

Comparing Predictions.

I think my prediction was kind of the same in the way of some people will do good and some people will do the opposite.


Maybe if we extended the time we could of seen more results from people but if we changed the word we could’ve a more challenging experiment.

Here’s my group members, Kaya, Lyric, Hudson



pass this every time Monique Prater via Compfight

Home, home is a place where we can feel safe and loved. When I walk up to my house and see my dogs in the window all excited to see me that puts a warm smile on my face when I open the door and walk in I can settle down and rest after a long day. What I love the most about home is being able to see my family relax and know that I’m surrounded by people I love. Home is a place where I make memories and where our family makes it our own. That what home means to me, what about you?