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Hi everyone

I look down my hand and slowly pull back my string  and I release my fingers… Thunk! Do you know what this is? Well I’ll tell you guys it’s archery which is my favorite sport. I like archery because it takes a lot of mental thinking to be good at it. It’s also one of the oldest sports in the world which is kind of neat. Although it’s one of world’s oldest sports is that it’s the most developed in that sense. That’s why my teacher teaches me a lot of techniques such as flicking your bow to make your arrow go higher when sanding farther away from the target and also having a good stance without that your half accurate.  Without the techniques I know I would be terrible at hitting the target but to also be good you need a good bow the bow I have now is a bit too small for me but hopefully i’ll get a new one day. I started to be interested in archery when I was eight and I had a liking for it ever since. Have you ever had a hobby / sport that like a lot tell me about it.-Tyler    

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  1. Hi Tyler,
    I think it is really cool that you do archery. I wish I could try it but I don’t have a bow. One of my favourite sports is hockey. I really like it because it is fun and the feeling when you glide on your skates is amassing


    • Hey Hudson

      Hi Hudson, so you were thought it was that I do archery thanks! As you were saying that you wanted to try a bow well it’s a lot harder than it looks but the best place to try a bow and do a archery course is the rod and gun. I also learned a bit about you and that your favorite sport is hockey and I agree with what you said when you feel like you’re gliding on the ice and I love that feeling to. Sincerely-Tyler

      • Hey Christian

        Hi Christian, I the same kind of thing happened to me once to. Before I was in archery I was in hip hop but I also wish I’d stayed in it to but that path has closed and it’s just archery now. But I am still thinking about hip hop again but I agree with how archery is a great sport but you don’t run around like football or soccer but when you get a bullseye it’s very satisfying.P.S about your question about that snow falls every day, on the west coast we barely get any snow at all in the winter. Sincerely-Tyler

  2. Hey Tyler,
    My name is Shane and I am from Austin Tx. I love to play archery! My dad and I go to a special archery range where we practice on the weekends. Where to you go to play archery? I thought that it was really cool and interesting that it is one of the oldest sports. Here is my blog and I hope you can come and visit it.

    • Hello Shane

      Thanks for commenting on my blog and it’s nice to know someone who does archery to! So the range I go to was the Rex center in the Comox Valley but I’m going to a more high up archery range which is the local rod and gun and I’m really excited because I get to use a better bow. I also practice in my backyard which I use a compound bow but I’m getting a recurve soon which is another thing to be excited about. Sincerely-Tyler

  3. I just recently got a bow for my birthday. I really enjoy it. My favorite sport though is baseball. I play it quite often and my favorite position is catcher. I like catcher because, you get the ball every pitch and you get to wear the catchers gear which is pretty cool.

    My name is Ross I’m from Mrs. Kriese’s class in Texas.
    If you would like to visit my blog is at

    • Hey Ross

      That sounds awesome that you play baseball and that you’re a catcher. If I wasn’t doing archery I would pick basketball,baseball and football, what I see of it is when I’m at school we play it and I enjoy it. Also it is nice you got a bow for your birthday, you might not know what I’m going to ask you because you’re new at archery but what type of bow is it, is it a recurve with bent limbs or a compound with wheels for power? Reply to me when you can please because I’m just curious. Sincerely-Tyler

    • Hey Michael

      Hi Michael, thanks for commenting on my post. That sounds fun that you did a camp I would love to one but I’ll have to wait for the summer and it’s okay that you didn’t hit target a lot of people don’t have the coordination to pull back a bow and fire it accurately because when I started doing archery I was bad but the thing that really helped me was techniques that made me better at it but archery isn’t a sport that people can master easily. Sincerely-Tyler

  4. Hi I am Jacob from Austin Texas I like archery to, but I haven’t got to go out and do it very often. I have a bow an arrow but it’s set up for bow fishing. (Shooting fish in the water and dealing them in)
    Do you hunt with the bow or do you just shoot targets

    • Hey Jacob

      I think it’s cool that you bow fish I always wanted to do that,but my bow only just for targets I don’t hunt but I would like to do something similar with a bow but without killing an animal and that’s 3D archery. You probably heard of it because you do the similar things as me, but hope you get better at bowfishing. Sincerely-Tyler

    • Hey C.J

      Hi C.J your the first person from California that commented on my blog and it’s nice to talk to a fellow archer. I do have a compound bow to but it’s getting too small for me and I’m getting a recurve bow soon and I’m waiting for more archery programs in the future. Sincerely -Tyler

  5. Hey Tyler,
    I didn’t know you were into archery! A couple summers ago I was at the games and guns club and I tried out archery. I was pretty good! I hit near the middle of the target every time, and popped 4/5 of the balloons they had set up. My teacher/instructor guy was really impressed, probably because I was 8 and hardly knew what archery was. I suppose I get the aim from my dad, he did range since he was like 15. Hope to keep in touch!

    • Hey Friend

      Wow you did archery too that’s pretty cool that you got ⅘ balloons at a course and you impressed your teacher good job you sounds like you’re better than me by a fair bit if you’re that good you should do it more you could maybe get somewhere doing it but if you do join I might see you there. Sincerely-Tyler

  6. Hello Tyler
    i love archery as well my parents go hunting and fishing i haven’t shot a dear before but i have helped gut one i am not really in to killing dear with a gun thought i like bows way better especially since they are quiet and light easy er to use when your strong to so you can get an accurate shot. what would yo prefer bow or gun
    sincerely Ethan

    • Hey Ethan

      I love archery too but you’re right about a bow being quiet but they are very hard to master but with a gun it’s easier to master and it is also very loud . I think the bow is cooler because it has a huge history of it being used in historical wars and since the stone age. But the bow is more reliable in a sense because you can reuse arrows and a bow and arrow can be made from natural materials unlike a gun that is made from factory materials. But I would chose a crossbow because it’s all of them in one. Sincerely-Tyler

    • Hey Andrew

      Wow a lot of people are commenting on my archery post thank you for the comment so you do archery to but not very often. But I’m waiting to join more archery programs in the spring but that’s a while from now but it’s hard to go to a range and do it without it getting in the schedule. Sincerely-Tyler

  7. Hey there Tyler!
    I used to be into Archery, specifically the Crossbow, but I got kind of scared out of it when the bow broke when I was firing it… And I hit the house behind the targets… But aside from that, it was pretty fun! Firing a bunch of sticks from another stick with a string to a target! Whats not fun about that?
    Great job!

  8. Hey Tyler,
    I never knew last year that you liked archery, I only figured this out by reading this post. But I’m here to say I think archery is a pretty cool sport because I’ve always wanted to try archery and it looks SOOO cool when I’m watching LOTR and The Hobbit. Anyway I wish you the best of luck when you do/play archering or maybe its just archery.

  9. Hello Tyler, my name is Roy and I am here today because I thought your post on archery was interesting.
    I live in Chilliwack, BC, Canada.
    The part when you said that you need mental thinking to shoot/aim, you were right. A few months ago I made a bow out of wood and string. I focused on the target like there was nothing else and I got it straight onto the bulls-eye!
    Also when you said that standing farther helps, you were also right. I was at Stillwood camp a few months ago and I couldn’t get it that well so I went backwards and guess what? I got it to bulls-eye!
    Also you mentioned that you need techniques to shoot farther so do you know how to do the techniques?
    I also have a blog link .
    It was a pleasure reading your post. See you later!
    Sincerely, Roy

    • Hey Jacob

      No I never been on a archery team before but in Canada we never really that but I might be wrong. I would love to be on one though.

  10. Hey Tyler,
    That is really awesome that you’re into archery. I’ve done quite a bit of archery at camps before. But I never have being good at it…at all. Have a good day Arlo.

    • Hey kassidy

      You did archery camps before how cool I’m going to try to do some when ever I can but I don’t know when. But I don’t think you would be that bad at it but you should try it more you might like it better. Sincerely-Arlo

  11. Hello Tyler,
    Archery is pretty awesome! I went on a school field trip in grade 3, and it was a complete FAIL! I mean it look pretty easy, but its not… and plus everything was in French so I couldn’t really understand the instructions. Well GoodBye,

  12. Hello Tyler,
    Archery is pretty awesome! I went on a school field trip in grade 3, I tryed it and it was a complete FAIL! I mean it look pretty easy, but its not… and plus everything was in French so I couldn’t really understand the instructions. But it was pretty FUN. Well GoodBye,

    • Hey Brooklyn

      Don’t worry about Not being good at archery, you might not even be that bad at besides everything was in french so you couldn’t be your best you should try it again you might better because your older and might have a more steady hand. Sincerely-Tyler

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